God’s Glory and Spring-Training

Today, I have the chance to fulfill a life-long desire, attending an MLB spring-training game! A church planter and I are at a conference in South Florida. We had to decide how to spend a free afternoon before the event, when I realized that would be in Florida… in late February! Spring-training here we come! The icing on the cake is that my boyhood favorite National League team was the Florida (now Miami) Marlins, and they are playing a few miles from our hotel!

While I look forward to such an opportunity, I cannot help but notice (as I have at similar times) the feeling that this wish-come-true is not as grand as I thought it would be. Something happens to a person when he or she personally sees and experiences the actions of Almighty God. Everything that is of this earth looses its glory in comparison to the Glorious Creator and Redeemer of the earth.

If the world has lost its luster, good for you. Maybe you are walking with the Apostle Paul. In Philippians 3, he proclaimed how everything he valued was simply waste in compared to knowing the glorious and powerful Jesus!

If you are still enamored by the world, it won’t be long until its allurement lets you down. It will leave you disenfranchised and commiserating with the Preacher of Ecclesiastes that “all is useless, a chase after the wind.”

I plan to enjoy the Marlins game in the beautiful Florida sun. I will probably buy some souvenirs and eat nachos. However, the real highlight of the day will be knowing God and experiencing another day with Him.

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