Billy Graham on Integrity

Hillary Clinton met Billy Graham while her husband Bill was still Arkansas’ governor. Mrs. Clinton asked Rev. Graham if he would join her for lunch. Graham’s response was, “I would be delighted to, but I do not have private luncheons with beautiful ladies.”[1] Mrs. Clinton replied by asking him if he would join her in the busy dining room in the hotel lobby. There, no suspicion of sinful activity could be presumed (after all, everyone in the hotel would be paying strict attention to these two popular icons). He agreed.


Consider the following three conclusions about faithful, Christian leadership from this brief story.


First, leaders of integrity dig deep piers of conviction and build their lives on them. Graham desired to protect the Gospel and his reputation as a disciple of Jesus. Therefore, he decided early in his life that he would go to extreme measures to protect his testimony.


Second, leaders of integrity relate to people with kindness and respect. Graham’s response to Mrs. Clinton held on to his convictions, but showed her esteem. Many Christian leaders ridiculed Graham for his relationship with the Clintons. He responded to one critic, “Do you think Mr. Clinton does not need our prayers?”[2]


Third, leaders of integrity represent Jesus appropriately through their entire life’s work. The above instance is significant to Graham’s testimony, but it is only one day in the midst of thousands. Billy Graham’s life stood the test of multiple critical investigators and reporters who wished to see him fall. His death marks the end to an extremely fruitful ministry and a life worth modeling – both of which bring great glory to God.



[1] Billy Graham, Just As I Am: An Autobiography of Billy Graham (San Francisco: HaprerCollins, 1997), 651

[2] Graham, 653.

2 thoughts on “Billy Graham on Integrity

  1. He was definitely a great example to everyone. He will be missed. Through his ministry I finally understood the message of salvation.

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