Practical Thoughts on Relating to God in the Real World

I was recently asked, “How do I make time for God in the context of today’s world?”  The following paragraphs contain my answer.  What is yours?  Please share it! Most of us do not have enough time to spend with Jesus… we must get organized and MAKE time!  The primary issue involves our values.  To … More Practical Thoughts on Relating to God in the Real World


This week I attended the Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas. I had a great time with my wife, Amber, my coworkers, and other good friends and acquaintances. I also met all kinds of new friends: seminary students, young ministry families, established pastors, and well-respected SBC statesmen/women. Associating with such a large number of people, particularly … More Learn!

After God’s Heart

After God’s Heart: Part 1 1 Samuel 13:1-14 Aligning one’s heart with God’s is a significant accomplishment in the partnership between God and man. The act of loving God does not originate in humans (1 John. 4:19). No one chooses God, but is chosen by Him (John 15:16). However, reciprocal affection of a person loved … More After God’s Heart

What do You do when the Dream Dies? 1 Sam. 8:1-8

There are instances when the personal or ministry dreams of all believers (including ministry leaders) drastically change or die. The prophet Samuel experienced several such situations. As an old man who had judged and prophesied faithfully, Samuel set his sons as judges over Israel. However, the responsibility was too excellent for them. Samuel’s sons showed … More What do You do when the Dream Dies? 1 Sam. 8:1-8

When People Stop Believing in Truth

When People Stop Believing in Truth: A response to “The Trends Shaping a Post-Truth Era.”[1] In an article published this week, “The Trends Shaping a Post-Truth Era,” Barna described America’s views of “truth” and those responsible for communicating it. The article also gave a startling description of how people interpret the truth they hear. One … More When People Stop Believing in Truth