Practical Thoughts on Relating to God in the Real World

I was recently asked, “How do I make time for God in the context of today’s world?”  The following paragraphs contain my answer.  What is yours?  Please share it!

Most of us do not have enough time to spend with Jesus… we must get organized and MAKE time!  The primary issue involves our values.  To be frank, we make time for what we value.  Jesus said that our hearts will be found close to those people and things we treasure (Matt. 6:21).  If we value Jesus above all, the priority of our lives must be to develop our relationships with Him.  Let me offer an illustration that is familiar to most people.

When I married my wife, Amber, I was so excited to have found my love and partner for life.  We made our relationship a priority to both of us.  However, 15 years later, we have kids, jobs, ministry responsibilities and all the chores that come with these blessings.  We decided that our marriage relationship was worth a significant investment of time and energy.  We placed boundaries around certain planned activities that allow us to continue to grow our relationship.  Friday nights are our weekly dinner dates.  Each Tuesday and Thursday mornings we run 2 miles together.  Every night we make sure our kids are in bed by 9:00 so we can spend some relaxed time together at the end of the day. These planned and protected events create opportunities for us know one another.

Our relationships with Jesus are an even greater priority.  Each morning I start my day by reading Scripture.  Right now I am reading one Psalm a day  As I read, I ask myself, “What is my Father telling me about Himself?”  “What is He telling me about myself?”  This becomes a time for the two of us to connect and grow together.  In the middle of the day, at 11:00 AM, my phone alarm reminds me to pause, pay attention, and submit my heart to the Holy Spirit.  At 8:00 PM my alarm goes off again and I reflect on my day.  I share my joys and concerns with my Father and rest in Him.  I find that this schedule keeps bringing me back into the presence of God during each day.

Be creative and make a plan that will work for you.  I am continually tweaking my plan to get as close to God as I can.  Let your desire to know God motivate you to be creative and courageous!  He is waiting!

For more info on further developing your relationship with God, I recommend:

“Emotional Healthy Spirituality,” by Pete Scazerro

“Celebration of Discipline,” by Richard Foster

“The Divine Mentor,” by Wayne Cordeiro

“Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life,” by Donald Whitney


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