The Little Ones Are Learning From US, But What? – Prov. 4:1-2

Prov. 4:1 Hear, sons, fatherly discipline, and pay attention to the knowledge of understanding. 2 For I will give you good teaching; don’t forsake my instruction.

I read this verse in my time with the Lord and prayed, “Father, let my kids hang on to my instruction. Don’t let them forsake it as they grow older.” Then I said to myself, “Yikes! Do I really want to pray this prayer??? This means that I am asking God to ingrain in my kids ALL I teach them… I better become a man of wisdom, quick!”

If you are like me, you do your best to raise your kids to love Jesus and love others. That is obviously a God-honoring effort. However, this Scripture causes me to reflect on ALL I am teaching them through the way I LIVE. My words, attitudes and responses to Amber, our kids, the church folks and the lost teaches them volumes…What are they learning? May we all pray that our kids hang on to our instruction, but let us also become teachers worth learning from as we sit at the real Master’s feet.

One thought on “The Little Ones Are Learning From US, But What? – Prov. 4:1-2

  1. Great post and how insightful – we don’t get to pick and choose what parts of our lives kids (or others) learn from.


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