Sifting Our Personal Lives as Leaders


Proverbs 3

27Don’t withhold good that belongs to him, when it is in your power to do it. 28Don’t say to your neighbor, “Go and return; I will give it to you tomorrow,” when you have it. 29Don’t intend evil toward your neighbor, who lives confidently with you. 30Don’t accuse anyone without a reason, when they have done nothing evil against you. 31Don’t be jealous of violent people, and don’t prefer their path.

This list of Christ-like living is not the way to wisdom; it is the consequence of wisdom. I recently sifted my personal life and relationships through the screen of the Scriptures listed above. God revealed to me two negative personal relationships/situations that show I am not yet a complete man of wisdom. According to the counsel in Proverbs 3, I do not need to try harder in these relationships, I need to grow in revering and trusting God! (Prov. 3:5-7). As I do, the wisdom gifts will develop in me, and I will further reflect God in my personal life and relationships.

Leaders do not honor God and lead well because they try hard. Honoring God with our lives and growing into effective leaders is the consequence of loving Him hard and following Him closely.

If you sift your personal life and relationships through the screen of Proverbs 3:27-31, what do you find? What does this discovery say about your progress in revering and trusting God?


The Scripture translation is from:

Longman III, Tremper (2006-06-01). Proverbs (Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms) (p. 142). Baker Publishing Group

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